“A harrowing novella…”
 Publishers Weekly on In the Midnight Museum

“Gary Braunbeck uses words as an artist uses a brush, painting fantastical imagery and raw emotion that leaves the reader breathless. This is a story that needs to be read more than once to capture all of the strokes of Gary’s brush and the hidden nuances and emotions that makes Gary one of the grandmasters of the genre.”
— Horror World

“Have you ever liked a book so much that you wanted to start it over the moment you finished? That is how I felt after reading In the Midnight Museum by Gary A. Braunbeck… His words bleed poetic illustrations much like the great Clive Barker. Prose this powerful can’t go unread. Do yourself a favor and start reading Gary’s work. It doesn’t just entertain, it enlightens. (5 stars out of a possible 5)”
— Insidious Reflections

“I was mesmerized, stunned, and shocked — I am now Braunbeck’s willing slave and will read anything the man writes just hoping for it to be half as good as this… a rating? 5 *****”
— on In the Midnight Museum

“I’m not sure Braunbeck has an equal in conveying the power of loneliness and melancholy and touching the places where they resonate within us… If you’re uncomfortable with fiction that moves you, then stay far away from In the Midnight Museum. If you’re not afraid of a glimpse into a dark world where hope is a hard-earned commodity, then pick up this transcendent piece of work…”
— Hellnotes

“Braunbeck has created something that is timeless and amazing with In The Midnight Museum. His genius pours from the pages of this novella, and there is so much buried between the lines that one reading of this book will not suffice to gain the depth and ultimate wisdom that the story possesses.”
— Award-winning artist Caniglia (Showtime’s Masters of Horror)

In the Midnight Museum is a powerful story; an incredibly moving journey filled with unforgettable images and a genuinely creepy atmosphere. Braunbeck is a truly gifted writer.”
— Brett McBean, author of The Mother and The Familiar Stranger

“Read this wonderful novella at least twice, once for the experience of making the story your own, then again for insight into the experience of how it can be done.”
— Terry Dowling, author of Basic Black and The Mars You Have in Me

In the Midnight Museum is an unforgettable tale that fans of intelligent dark fiction will savor again and again. Upcoming writers would do good to pay attention to Braunbeck’s style, technique, and amazing character development. With every book, he only keeps getting better and better.”
 The Horror Fiction Review

“Gary A. Braunbeck is simply one of the finest writers in American today. His work is chilling, touching, visionary, and above all, compassionate and human. Gary is a great writer who just happens to write horror, and he elevates the genre with everything he writes. In the Midnight Museum will grip you, It will scare you, it will move you in ways you thought were impossible for horror, and you will be haunted by the story long after you have closed the cover.”
— Ray Garton, Author of Live GirlsThe Loveliest Dead, and Night Life

“I dare you to read In the Midnight Museum and not feel its icy grip within. I dare you to read it and not feel as though the author has reached into your head and heart and gut and somehow wrung out your own emotions, hopes, fears, and late-night tears onto the page.
Braunbeck’s ease with emotion and empathy lends the piece an almost religious aura, yet the humor and self-reflective aspects make it more a humanist fable rather than a parable. It’s a tale that unfortunately resonates for altogether too many of us forty-somethings who have watched our parents struggle and fight all their lives only to die while the world rolls on, unmoved and unaware. If anyone’s work can be said to approach the truly life-altering, it is Gary Braunbeck’s.”
— William Gagliani, Cemetery Dance

“Martin’s emotional anguish and the fragmentation of his life are so deftly and honestly depicted that the story’s surreal elements resonate in a way that is both exceedingly rare and sublimely wonderful. As an exploration of a mind and a reality under threat, it has the authority of truth.”
— Robert Hood, author of Backstreets and Immaterial: Ghost Stories

In the Midnight Museum is a wonderfully lyrical, visually vivid tale of a vanished bookshop, the Great Rooftop Detritus Dance of the Hopping Beaked Camera, and a writer in a pre-nuthouse holding facility seeking a third alternative to life and death. Like the work of Philip K. Dick, Heinlein’s ‘The Unpleasant Profession of Jonathan Hoag’, Le Guin’s The Lathe of Heaven, and William Browning Spencer’s Resume With Monsters, like Lewis Carroll illustrated by Dali, a map of Kadath by Bosch, or a circus poster by Goya, Braunbeck’s disturbing and engrossing novella explores the borderlands between reality, art, and nightmare. Venture inside and see the show.”
— Stephen Dedman, author of Never Seen by Waking Eyes, Shadowrun: For a Fistful of Data