Gary A. Braunbeck

We Now Pause For Station Identification

I was talking to Gary last night, and he told me he’d just found out that there are still copies of his limited edition chapbook “We Now Pause For Station Identification” available.

In all my wifely bias, I have to say that this is a kick-ass chapbook. It’s not a funny zombie story, but it is a really good one. What’s it about? The narrator, a talk-radio DJ, is trapped in his broadcast booth, low on food and water, dangling at the end of his sanity as the dead walk the earth.

“We Now Pause …” is on the preliminary Stoker ballot, and if it gets on the final ballot, I’m hoping that the publisher will let me put up a movie I shot of Gary reading the story at the Stokers last year. I think that if people can hear even just a bit of the story, they’ll know it’s worth having.

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