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Gary Teaches At Borderlands Press Boot Camp
Gary will be teaching at the next Borderlands Press Writers Boot Camp, which will be held January 23-25, 2009 in Towson, MD. The other instructors include Ginjer Buchanan, Mort Castle, Douglas Clegg, Thomas F. Monteleone, Thomas Tessier, F. Paul Wilson, and Douglas E. Winter.

Gary Wins Two Stokers At SLC World Horror Convention!
At this past WHC, Gary won a Bram Stoker Award for Superior Achievement in Anthology as an editor for Five Strokes to Midnight; his novella in that same collection, "Afterward, There Will Be a Hallway" also won a Stoker. These awards represent Gary's 4th and 5th Stokers.

Audio Interview
In addition to having recently premiered One of Those Faces (the short film based on my story "Rami Temporales"), the team over at have just posted an audio interview with me that will appears as part of the supplemental material on the DVD when it's released (no date on that yet). You either listen to the interview -- which runs a solid thirty minutes -- or you can download it and listen to it later.

I hope you enjoy some of the behind-the-scenes stories I talk about.

The interview can be found here:

Stranger ThingsMovie Launch
One of Those Faces -- a short film based on Gary's acclaimed story "Rami Temporales" -- Premieres!

Click on the image to the right to view the movie.

New Interview!
The recently-launched website Fearzone has a lengthy interview with Gary, wherein he discuss his new Leisure novel, Mr. Hands, as well as a potpourri of other subjects.  You can find it here:

Appearance at Zombie Fest 2007
Gary will be an author guest at the It's Alive! 2007 Zombie Fest, being held October 27 and 28th at the Monroeville Mall, Monroeville, PA.  The zombie movie fans among you will immediately know that mall in question, for it's where George A. Romero filmed his masterpiece Dawn of the Dead. There will be lots of activities for all zombie and horror fans, including Gary reading his Bram Stoker Award-winning story "We Now Pause for Station Identification" on Saturday night.

The It's Alive! Zombie Fest is sponsored in part by The It's Alive! Show, Pittsburgh's answer to the old Chiller Theater.  The show runs on Saturday night on a local station, but you can check it out anytime at the show's website,  The show is hosted by the members of the band Deathmobile, whose music can best be described as "Black Zappath."  Very heavy-metal, but with a wicked and often ingenious sense of humor.  If you're in the mood for a lot of fun, click on the link for last week's show, or wait until Saturday night to watch the live streaming broadcast.

For all information about the weekend -- including guests and schedules -- go to:

One of the highlights of the weekend will be the Sunday morning Zombie Walk taking place in the Monroeville Mall.  Last year, the walk made it into the Guinness Book of World Records as the largest assembly of (faux) zombies in history; this year they hope to break last year's record of 900+ to remain in the World Book.

Upcoming Stories
We're pleased to announce several upcoming story appearances over the next few months, the first being Gary's debut appearance in the wonderful APEX Science Fiction and Horror magazine, who will running his science fiction/horror story "Blackboard Sky" in there upcoming issue #11, along with an in-depth interview.  For more information about APEX -- a superb publication -- please visit:

The 5-author anthology, 5 Strokes to Midnight, is now at the printer and should be out by the end of November.  The idea behind the anthology is fairly simple, but the results are anything but:  5 writers -- 4 established pros and 1 newcomer -- each writing 20,000 words of fiction on a theme of their own choosing.  The table of contents is as follows:

by Tim Lebbon

Stories by Tom Piccirilli

Hauntings Stories by Gary A. Braunbeck
Afterward, There Will Be a Hallway
The Queen of Talley’s Corner
Listening to Hendrix Sing ‘1983 … (A Merman I Should Turn To Be)’

Curses Stories by Deborah LeBlanc
Bottom Feeder

Demons Stories by Hank Schwaeble
Midnight Bogey Blues
Bone Daddy

Folklore Stories by Christopher Golden
Breathe My Name
Under Cover of Night
All Aboard

The cover painting and all interior illustrations are by none other than Ashley Laurence, star of the first two Hellraiser movies, as well as the brilliant and underrated family drama Lightning Bug.

The book can be ordered either diretly from the publisher, Haunted Pelican Press (, or from Matt Schwartz's Shocklines (

All copies of the book will be signed by Gary, Tom Piccirilli, Deborah Leblanc, and Hank Schwaeble; Ashley Laurence will be signing only the first 100 copies. If you want an edition signed by Ms. Laurence, make sure you specify that when placing your order; the first 100 will go fast.

In other story news, Gary recently sold a piece entitled "Under the Bridge Downtown" (co-written with Matthew Warner -- ) to Horror Library Volume 3, to be published by Cutting Block Press (

His story "Atonement" will be appearing next year in the PS Publications' (  anthology Darkness on the Edge of Town, edited by Harrison Howe.  The anthology, for fans of The Boss, will contain stories inspired by the songs of Bruce Springsteen; in my Gary's case, he chose the song "My Father's House" from the Nebraska album.

"When It is Decided That the War is Over," a rare foray into post-apocalyptic fiction for Gary, will be appearing sometime next year in the anthology Nation of Ash, edited by Mike Heffernan, whose recent anthology, A Dark and Deadly Valley (horror stories set during WWII, and includes Gary's "But Somewhere I Shall Wake") is garnering wonderful reviews.  Please visit for more information about the latter; as soon as ordering information is available for the former, we will of course let you know.

And Still to Come
In August of next year, Leisure Books ( will be releasing Gary's fourth Cedar Hill novel for them, entitled Coffin County, which serves as the overall prologue to the entire Cedar Hill cycle; at roughly the same time as CC's release, Paul Miller's Award-winning Earthling Publications ( will be releasing the third and final collection of Cedar Hill stories (still untitled as yet).  While it won't be necessary for you to read both Coffin County and the final CH collection in order to follow what's going on, it will be a  richer reading experience if you do read both, starting with CC and following with the 3rd CH collection.

"We Now Pause for Station Identification" -- The Movie!

We're pleased to announce the Adelstein Productions (one of the production companies who make Fox's Prison Break) recently optioned Gary's Bram Stoker Award-winning short story "We Now Paused for Station Identification" for the big screen. The producer plans on making a short film that will play the film festival circuit, and has shared many of his ideas for "opening out" the story with Gary, who heartily approves.

"It was a relief," said Gary, "to realize that the producer/director and I were very much on the same page with this. I knew the story would have to be opened out for film adaptation, I was just concerned that it would be opened out too far. That's not going to happen -- but the film isn't going to just be 30 minutes of watching a DJ crack up in front of a microphone, either."

Check back here for more production updates as 2007 progresses.

Gary to Write Book Reviews for The Columbus Dispatch

Also starting in 2007, Gary will become the new fantasy and horror book reviewer for The Columbus Dispatch. "I love it," he said. "Not only because I love doing book reviews, but for a paper like The Dispatch -- or any daily newspaper outside of New York or Los Angeles, for that matter -- for a major daily paper to bring on a new book reviewer solely to review genre fiction means that genre fiction is not only alive and well, but that it's gaining popularity in the mainstream. I'm really honored that The Dispatch asked me to do this."

As Gary's rewviews appear on The Dispatch's website, we'll post links here.

Gary's "Kiss of the Mudman" Receives an International Horror Guild Award!

On Thursday, November 2, The International Horror Guild Awards were presented in conjunction withe the World Fantasy Convention in Austin, Texas. Gary's novella "Kiss of the Mudman" (from Home Before Dark: The Collected Cedar Hill Stories, Volume 2) was honored with the IHG Award for Long Fiction. (A complete list of nominees and recipients can be found here)

Gary was unable to be present at the awards, so Gary's fellow writer and friend of 15 years, Tim Waggoner accepted on his behalf. Here's a transcript of the acceptance speech:

"Well, since Tim Waggoner is standing up here accepting this on my behalf, I have no choice but to believe one of 3 things has happened: 1) Pigs are indeed soaring through the skies; 2) Hell has experienced an unprecedented drop in temperature; or, 3) The rumors about Joe Hill having run out of shelf space are true.

"I am truly sorry that I cannot be here with you, but my real-world job found it was unable to do without me this weekend -- nor I without its paycheck.

"This is stunning, and I cannot express to the IHG and its judges how honored I am that you saw fit to bestow this award upon "Kiss of the Mudman" -- not only because it was nominated along with Joe Hill's extraordinary "Voluntary Committal", Laird Barron's majestic "The Imago Sequence" -- a story upon which enough praise cannot be heaped -- and the amazing Kim Newman's "The Serial Murders" -- but also because I was convinced that only 5 people read the story when the second Cedar Hill collection was released, 2 of them myself. This may sound like so much smoke being blown in the air, but I was genuinely honored by the nomination and would have been more than happy with that, knowing that the IHG and its judges -- among the most well-read and demanding you'll ever encounter -- thought enough of "Mudman" to even put it on the same list as the other three superb works by my fellow nominees.

"The word "honor" gets bandied about with distressing carelessness these days, and because of that may have lost some its power, but I am hard-pressed to think of a better word to use. You honor my work with this, and you honor me, and I am humbled. I want to congratulate Joe, Laird, and Kim on their nominations; I want to thank Paul Miller at Earthling Publications for having the faith in the Cedar Hill stories to publish the trilogy of collections; I want to thank my wife, Lucy Snyder, for continuing to permit me to be her husband; I want to thank my friend John Nitzinger for the title of the novella; and I want to thank the IHG and its judges for not only this wonderful award, but for thinking enough of the story to nominate it in the first place.

"Lastly, I want to dedicate this award to the memory of two wonderful writers who are no long with us: this is for Charles L. Grant, who made me uncomfortably aware of the whispers in the shadows; and, finally, for my dear friend and second father, J.N. Williamson, who I think would be as surprised and proud right now as I am.

"Thank you. I am honored."

Gary has two new podcasts live! Listen as Gary reads two short stories.

Gary will be one of the Guests of Honor at the Context convention here in Columbus, OH next fall.

Although Context is several months away, I wanted to mention it to you early because Gary will be one of the instructors for the convention's several writing workshops. He will be leading a short workshop on creating characters and writing dialog.

So, if you've ever wanted to take one of Gary's classes, this is your chance! The class is limited to 20 students (and ONLY 4 SLOTS remain); you can read more about it and the other workshops at

On Saturday August 5 at 7:00 pm, Gary A. Braunbeck will be reading from his recent/forthcoming work and signing books at Liberty Books & News (1649 West Lane Avenue, Columbus, OH 43221).

The event is free, might involve goodies if the bookstore is okay with that, and we hope we'll see you there!

Gary has several new stories out in various anthologies:

  • "Old Schick" appears in the Subterranean Press release Gods of the Razor, edited by Bill Sheehan and William Shafer (Order from Subterranean Press and Shocklines -- Every copy purchased through Shocklines will result in $10.00 being donated to

  • "Fisherman's Delight" appears in the Cemetery Dance anthology Poe's Lighthouse, edited by Christopher Conlon (Order from Shocklines and Cemetery Dance)

  • "Dead Cat in the House of Peanut-Butter Discipline" appears in the Necro Publications anthology Dead Cat's Traveling Circus of Wonders and Miracle Medicine Show, edited by Gerard Houarner and GAK (Order from the Necro Website and Shocklines)

  • "Patience" appears in Eulogies, the Horror World Anthology

  • "Onlookers" will be appearing in the forthcoming Cemetery Dance Anthology Midnight Premiere, edited by Tom Piccirilli

  • "But Somewhere I Shall Wake" will appear in the forthcoming anthology A Dark and Deadly Valley, edited by Michael Heffernan

  • "One Night Only" will be appearing in the forthcoming Overlook Connection Press anthology Aim for the Head, edited by Michael Heffernan

Congratulations to Gary on winning the Bram Stoker Award!

We Now Pause for Station Identification
(Endeavor Press)
Winner for Superior Achievement in Short Fiction, 2005

Learn More, plus audio and video footage!

You can find a list of the other winners here.

Remember, updates about Gary can always be found on Lucy Snyder's LiveJournal.

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