Coffin County by Gary A. Braunbeck
Gary A. Braunbeck
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Mr. Hands

The doll is odd, carved out of wood, with long arms and huge hands. Little Sarah named it Mr. Hands and loved the doll until the day she was murdered. Now her mother, Lucy, discovers something amazing about Sarah’s doll—it allows her to control another Mr. Hands. This Mr. Hands is a living, terrifying being with horrendous power. At Lucy’s command he will do whatever she tells him—even kill. This is Lucy’s chance to see justice is done. She decides who will live and who will suffer a horrible death, and Mr. Hands carries out the sentences without mercy. But once Mr. Hands is unleashed, will anyone be able to stop him?

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Review Excerpts

"Braunbeck makes it a point to introduce characters that are memorable and, more often than not, flawed in such a way that they become believable in the eyes of the reader. From the mysterious storyteller to the tortured serial killer and the grieving mother, each character is given his or her say, their points of view explored, giving the reader insight into each of their psyches and reasons for their actions... Braunbeck's novel seems something akin to a cry for justice for these (abused) children. Past the harsh reality is a classic tale of revenge fueled by loss and sorrow where those who hunt monsters can assuredly become one themselves."
— Dread Central

"Want to get creeped out? Read Mr. Hands, a horror story of the supernatural and human kind. Gary A. Braunbeck is one of the new breed of horror writers, writing dark noir that will have readers back with the lights on and jumping out of their skin."
— Midwest Book Review

"Braunbeck’s power is that he can see our fear and our pain, and he can bring it to life in a way that can be both terrible and beautiful at the same time. But he can also see light in the darkness, and his stories and novels, no matter how bleak they may become, also contain a kernel of hope, of humanity. Mr. Hands is a fine novel and an important one. It’s hard to read it without being moved. That’s what good fiction should always do."
— Horror World

"There are writers who are hyped up as the next big thing, and a future rising star. Then there are writers who have not only fulfilled all of the hype and praise lavished upon them, but have continued to raise the expectations to astronomical levels. And then there is Gary A Braunbeck. With his latest from Leisure, Mr. Hands, Braunbeck has written a tight, literate and easily accessible novel that any fan of the genre should pick up and read immediately...any genre lover, or lover of extremely well written fiction with beautiful use of language and imagery should read this novel. 5 out of 5 stars."

"When an author has you sympathizing with a child killer, you know he’s doing something right. Clearly, it’s a grounded work of horror that bothers as it entertains."

"This is so smoothly written (and) has creepy moments, considerable suspense, and poses some interesting questions about revenge, vigilantism, and our right to decide the future of others."
— Don D'Ammassa

"Mr. Hands features fantastic pacing, creepy atmosphere, and enough suspense to keep the pages flipping long into the night. "
— Horror Fiction Review

"Mr. Hands is a very powerful, dark, moving, and relentlessly grim tale filled with Braunbeck's usual muscular prose and solid characterization. This novel really grips the reader and hurls him up and down and shakes him hard."
—Tom Piccirilli, author of The Dead Letters and Midnight Road

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